I place great emphasis in making your event MEMORABLE and UNIQUE. Nothing is worse when people forget your event which you have spent effort and money into creating. As an experience entertainer, I will be able to tailor the performances to suit your event's theme and make your event truly UNFORGETTABLE.  



Close-Up involves performing to groups of 3-10 people at a time. Close-Up performances offer an intimate experience for your guests as everyone will feel involved with the magic. The advantages of Close-Up over over Stage/Parlour performances is that the magic is happening directly in-front of you, rather than in a distance.

Close-Up magic is perfect during the start of an event as it can help to break the ice and have your guests interacting with one another. This is perfect when it comes to events where guests may not know one another. Ideal situations for Close-Up include:

  • Wedding Events
  • Corporate Events / Functions
  • Private Birthday Events


Stage / Parlour is suitable for situations when you have over 100 people in attendance. As there may not be enough time for everyone to experience Close-Up performances, Stage / Parlour option helps to ensure that everyone will be able to witness the magic. 

It is recommended that the Stage / Parlour performance to be scheduled near the middle of the event as this ensures that no guests miss out as a result of running late. This also prevents the performance from being interrupted as everyone will  already be gathered. Ideal situations for Stage / Parlour include:

  • Cocktail Events for product launch
  • Large Corporate Events/Functions (over 100 guests)
  • Festival Events / Openings


Get the best of both worlds with this option of Close-Up and Stage / Parlour. This is perfect for any event that will be running over 3 hours long as it will help to keep your guests entertained.

During the start of your event, Close-Up will be performed for your guests who are arriving to help break the ice while everyone is settling in. During the middle of your event, the Stage / Parlour performance will help elevate the mood and excitement of your guests to ensure your event stays lively until the end.


Client satisfaction is important to me as I rely primarily on word-of-mouth from satisfied clients to ensure future work.