Purpose of Magic

What is the purpose of magic?  

Is it so that magician can present a 'trick' and 'fool' the audience? Is it so you can show off in front of friends and impress the ladies? Or is the purpose of magic so magicians can flaunt their egos on stage flamboyantly in a 'look-what'-I-can-do' manner?

All of which,  the answer is no.

Whilst I know several magicians who perform magic for selfish reasons, that is NOT the reason why I perform magic.

For me personally, I perform magic because I genuinely enjoy bringing people moments of wonder and astonishment. I believe that 'good magic' can leave the audience spellbound state, even if it is only momentarily. Not only that, I strongly believe that Magic has the ability to change people's perspective of what reality can be in life. More importantly, magic can bring people back to their childhood-like state when their imaginations roamed free.

'My main goal is to fascinate the audience into thinking they are dreaming, even if this is only for a few seconds' - Juan Tamariz

As a magician, I embrace the challenge of making the cynical believe in magic. When you are able to take even the most cynical of the group to that place, that is when you know you've done it right. 

I believe everyone loves magic deep down inside. Whilst I know some will say they don't like magic (I've even come across some who said they hate magic), however I believe the reason they feel that way is because they have YET to come across the type of magic that they would enjoy. After all, what could be better than experiencing something truly extraordinary and outside of the realms of what we perceive to be reality?

Magic is something which everyone has once believed in when they were a child. It is the feeling we all once had when we were young and chose to believe that super powers could be real, or that the Tooth Fairy is real.  To be able to remind people of that feeling when is something I believe to be important as it is a part of us that many have come to neglect.