As discussed last time, magic to me has never been about just 'fooling' someone. Which begs the question: 'Why don't I reveal the secrets?'

Other than the obvious reasons (which would be due to respect for the art and the creator, magician's code, copyright reasons, etc...), I personally never reveal magic because of the disillusionment that it creates once exposed.

That is not to say that once the secret is exposed it becomes nothing. Rather it is the undeniable fact that once the secret is known, the effect of the magic diminishes exponentially. Knowing the 'how' can degrade a magic effect to merely a 'trick'. Instead of the viewing the effect as something magical, the magic effect becomes seen as being merely 'skillful' and more of a 'trick'.

'The more 'magical' the effect was to the spectator, the more devastating the disillusionment will feel.' - MD

I'm sure we have all experienced disillusionment in one way or another. For example the time you were expecting to receive a certain birthday gift, only to realise once you've opened it; that it's not what you think. Or perhaps the time when you ordered something which looked delicious, only for it to taste disgusting.

The moment when the outcome fails to reach the expectation you had been expecting. THAT is the moment you feel cheated.

Similarly when an audience witness 'good' magic, their imagination run free in an attempt to explain what just happened. The more analytical and knowledgeable the person is the harder the magic hits them because there is no explanation to what they have just witnessed. The beauty of being unable to explain something 

For someone to then reveal how the magic was done, it completely shatters their perception that was created by their imagination, robbing them of the previous wonder and astonishment they experienced. Not only that, it cheapens the the magic that was performed by the Magician who spent countless of hours to polish and refine. 

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself this: 'Do I really want to know how that's done and risk losing the 'magical effect' that I just experienced? Or should I simply appreciate the wonder and astonishment that was gifted to me and allow my imagination to run free?'

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